The Ecology Garden

The Ecology Garden in Odder is the largest organic display and demonstration garden in the Nordic countries.

Beautiful biodiversity and a wealth of inspiration for organic horticulture await you. Visit the garden for green inspiration, useful information and renewed energy. Enjoy a picnic in one of our picnic areas.

During the season, there are various activities for adults and children: guided tours, workshops, talks, bonfire cooking, market days etc.

Opening hours
Look here.

Adults and young people aged 15 and over: DKK 50. Children aged 3-14: 10 DKK. Children aged 0-2: Free. For special arrangements additional fees may be payable.

Address and contact
The Ecology Garden
Roerthvej 132
DK-8300 Odder

Phone: +45 24 96 30 15



1. Café, shop, plant sale and toilets

2. Greenhouse with plant sale

3. Greenhouse for guests

4. Playground

5. Bonfire site and stoves

6. Market place and playground

7. Herb garden

8. Birch grove

9. Landscape gardens

10. Bee info

11. Fruit and wine orchards

12. Kitchen garden

13. Greenhouse domes

14. Suburban garden

15. Chickens

16. Green manures

17. Educational centre

18. ”Garden space”


20. Donkeys, sheep, goats
       and ponies

21. Nature trail

22. Pigs

23. Suckler cow and calves

24. Walnut orchard

25. Forest garden with pond

26. Apiary

27. Community garden

28. Arboretum